Westwood Gardens 2012 - Richard Reich Photography



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Hydrangea arborescens 'invincibelle" - 6/20/12

Some say the blooms of this hydrangea are very pink. Others say the pink is more of a dusty color.

In some situations, the stems of 'Invincibelle Spirit' may not be very strong. Some have reported that the stems tend to bend and break easily, at least while plants are young. 'Invincibelle Spirit' "is very hardy, blooms on new wood (which means that flowering is very reliable), and flowers from early summer until frost".

The most important breakthrough in Hydrangea for a decade, this pink-flowered H. arborescens cultivar blooms constantly from summer through fall, remains hardy even in the far north, and covers itself in more than 100 big blooms every season. An extraordinary improvement over older varieties of this native species, Invincibelle® Spirit lives up to its name with unstoppable bloom strength.

Six to 8 inches wide, these mophead blooms open a dark, rosy pink and slowly mature to bright pink. An arresting sight in the sunny to partly shaded garden, they are also a superb cutflower, fresh or dried. The flowers begin in midsummer in most climates, continuing vigorously through autumn and ceasing only with first frost. Invincibelle® Spirit is hardy through zone 3 in the north, an absolutely unprecedented cold-hardy cultivar!

The blooms are not the only source of color from this remarkable shrub. The large, toothed green foliage turns buttery yellow in autumn, remaining on the plant for many weeks before dropping for winter. Fall is truly the standout season for Invincibelle® Spirit, with blooms and fall foliage changes present on the shrub at the same time.

Expect Invincibelle® Spirit to reach just 3 to 4 feet high and wide, with a very dense, well-branched habit that covers itself in blooms. It fares best in soil on the acidic side, and needs protection from strong afternoon sun in the moderate and southern/southwestern portions of its hardiness range.